1. Application Submission

Franchise Applicants will submit their profile or proposal for pre – qualification and assessment. Upon passing, you will be offered the opportunity to complete an application form and asked to   provide us with other document requirements. Completion of this step is necessary to move forward in our process.

2. Applicant Interview

After review, and upon approval, of your application and documentation, you will receive an invitation for an interview with Gulf Pastry Franchise Management.

3. Franchise Disclosure Document

Franchisee shall be issued a Gulf Pastry Franchise Disclosure Document to review before signing a Gulf Pastry Franchise Agreement.

4. Franchise Agreement

Once awarded the franchise, you will sign a Franchise Agreement with Gulf Pastry.

5. Initial Franchise Fee

The Initial Franchise Fee for a GULF PASTRY franchise unit is payable upon signing the GULF PASTRY Agreement which will be within seven days after We approve Your application.

6. Site Selection Approval & Construction

It is the Franchisee’s responsibility to obtain the site location. Gulf Pastry will provide guidelines for analyzing the location and will conduct a site visit. Upon obtaining the location, the Franchisee must submit plans which adapt Gulf Pastry’s standards and specifications for a Franchised Business Unit in accordance with the local regulations, and which conform to Gulf Pastry’s design and floor plan for the Site for approval.

Construction may begin upon approval of the plans. The site construction should be completed and the Unit must be ready for operation within 120 days as per the Franchise Agreement.

7. Training

Staffing and recruitment is the responsibility of the Franchisee, with the support of Gulf Pastry. Upon completion of the staffing and recruitment of the Franchise Unit Team, Gulf Pastry will provide comprehensive training program that will prepare the Franchisee’s Team with necessary tools and information to be prepared to operate the Gulf Pastry Franchised Business Unit.

The Franchisee’s Team is required to attend and complete the training program 30 (thirty) days prior the Grand Opening of the Franchised Business Unit.

8. Grand Opening

Grand Opening of the Gulf Pastry Franchised Business Unit